It has now been over three months since I received the enhanced Guardian transmitter to replace my first generation transmitter.

If you still have the first generation transmitter and are still fighting with the BG required loop issue contact your Medtronic educator to get the enhanced transmitter as soon as you can. It will save you a lot of grief.

Enhanced Transmitter Version for the Guardian 3 Sensor
The Enhanced Transmitter Version Number (Version 2.2) can be found under Status ->Sensor at the bottom.  

My initial thinking was that the Guardian 3 sensor transmitter was just a simple analog device that simply collected and sent analog data to the pump for post-processing conversion to digital data (data you see on your pump screen).

But I think there’s more to the transmitter, I think the circuitry is more complex and some of the calculations can be performed at the transmitter. This is great since that means Medtronic did not have to recall the pump to physically perform a hardware update to resolve this particular issue.

With the enhanced transmitter, the BG required loop that prevented one from entering Auto Mode is now completely resolved.

It also seems that the enhanced transmitter also handles data calibration differently and better.

The Medtronic 670G sensor calibration algorithm seems to behave very similarly now to the Calibration algorithm of the Dexcom 5 I used a couple years ago .

For example, the sensor readings seem to be averaged if the numbers between the sensor and the meter are not so close but not so varied.

In addition, if the number from the meter is so different from that of the sensor, the sensor will more readily default to the meter number more than before.

To request for the new enhanced transmitter follow this link.

I received the following message when my Diabetes educator ordered my enhanced transmitter.