The Perfect storm. New infusion set, sensor, and pizza.

Lesson I learned: At the beginning of sensor life, it might not be a good idea to only depend on sensor readings only.  Also, probably not a good idea to change the Guardian sensor, infusion set and eat pizza close together!

Last night, I had what I would call a perfect storm where I replaced my sensor and infusion set and then ate pizza. Unfortunately, my sensor did not catch up with a sharp rise in blood sugar since it had not stabilized. I only caught the high sugar readings when I checked my meter Blood Glucose (BG) reading.

So at about 10 PM last night, my sensor reading was 192 (not that bad considering I had just eaten pizza, right?) but my BG meter reading read an astronomical 334.

From experience, Auto Mode cannot handle such a high sugar reading in a reasonable amount of time so I decided to exit Auto Mode and use manual mode for a correction bolus.

But I ignored the message from the pump that asks you to check the infusion set etc. if your reading is above 250. I did not worry about this message since I had just assumed the pizza was the reason for the high BG readings.

When I got a high BG alarm at 4 am with sensor readings hovering 250, I groggily gave myself another correction bolus. And somehow I also slept through a calibration alarm or snoozed it all together. This was my second mistake.

My meter BG reading was 273 when I woke up at 8 AM this morning. What! I immediately went into troubleshooting mode since I knew something was very wrong.

I typically change my infusion to be safe as the first step to troubleshooting when my sugars are consistently high for more than 6-8 hours.

To my surprise, I found my infusion set cannula was kinked and at a 90-degree angle right at its center!

Luckily I think the insulin was still seeping slowly through the kinked cannula and that is the only reason I did not go into diabetes ketoacidosis (DKA). Nevertheless, I felt the effect of the high BG readings this morning.

As you can see above I finally was able to get the numbers back to the normal range by about 9 AM.