Guardian Sensor Stability and Auto Mode

I have been trying to get back to Auto Mode for the better part of the day today.

As you can see my readings in manual mode were not so bad and I would say those were stable sensor readings. I am not sure what reading variance the Auto Mode algorithm considers acceptable to enter Auto Mode.

Variance does not look too shabby but Auto Mode did not like it.

For sure there is something about the sensor readings that my pump did not like, and after a couple of hours (and in manual mode), the pump requested for a sensor change altogether as you can see below.

Alarm History Medtronic MiniMed 670G
Lots of alarms prior to my the change sensor alarm

Hooray it is now 12:56AM and I just entered Auto Mode. I am….exhausted.

Finally In Auto Mode Again at 1 AM

Getting back into Auto Mode was such a chore that took nearly a whole day.

I am starting to wonder whether Auto Mode is worth all the work.

I have noticed that the Contour Next Link meter, although accurate,  is not as precise. Therefore, it might be contributing to my sensor stability issues by introducing a larger variance.

I will cut back on calibrating the sensor just to when the pump requests for a calibration and see whether that helps.

UPDATE 08/24/2018: I have been using my One UltraMini meter for the last couple days and Auto Mode is working beautifully. Only downside is that I have to enter my values manually and I do not think it is as accurate as my Contour Next Link.

Medtronic Technical Support – Sensor Replacement

I talked to tech support today to see whether two sensors that had failed consecutively could be replaced.

As usual it is quite an ordeal, especially if you are short of time.  The representatives have to follow a script that has been given to them. Since many medical companies are so concerned about litigation, they rarely allow their customer representatives to freelance.

It is frustrating especially if you are running high or low numbers but having previously worked in a customer-focused position I relate to these guys.

But  long story short, I got the sensors replaced.

TIP: I normally upload my data in CareLink before a technical support call and point the representatives to CareLink as proof that actually my sensor failed and that seems to drive the conversation faster.