I have used the MiniMed Quick Set Paradigm infusion set for the last couple years. Medtronic recommends that one changes their infusion set every 48-72 hours.

I am the kind of person who questions why I have to do an oil change every 3000 miles and not 5000 miles but think for the 670G it is important to follow these guidelines.

Any blockage on your infusion set and subsequent high glucose readings will most likely throw Auto Mode and it will take hours before you can go back into Auto Mode. This is such a pain especially in the middle of the night since you will also receive a barrage of notifications to rectify the situation.

When I was on the 530G, there are time I went 5 days without changing the infusion set and that seemed worked OK for me but chances of a blockage or reduced delivery are much higher at this point.

A sign that your infusion set is going bad is glucose readings creeping up slowly and hovering a much higher number for your fasting glucose. (Obviously, an infection or sickness presents the same trend). In the case of a blockage that is followed by slow release of insulin into you system, you will experience a sudden drop in your sugar reading a couple hours after injecting your dose.(more or less like increasing basal delivery)

Couple Other Notes

  • Do not forget to completely remove the old infusion set (and not just disengaging the reservoir and tubing and not removing the cannula part) after you have inserted the new one. For a long time I would go hypo a couple hours after replacing my infusion set which was perplexing. But it so happened that I would leave the old cannula in place (as back up in case when the new one failed). I theorize that the insulin used to fill the cannula ended up seeping out slowly into the body (just like basal insulin) and this caused my glucose level to drop in time.
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